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Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories, you tell.

– Seth Godin

Why Your Business Needs Digital Marketing.

According to the Small Business Administration report – in 2018 30.2 million small businesses contributed to two out of three net new American jobs, and produced close to half of the nation’s goods and services.

Similarly, these 30 million small businesses in America accounted for 99% of all businesses and 54% of all U.S. sales (SBA, 2017).


  • Two-thirds of all businesses survive at least two years, half of all businesses survive at least five years, and one-third of all businesses will survive at least 10 years (Fundera, 2017)
  • 82% of small business failures are due to issues with cash flow (VisualCapitalist, 2017)
  • 66% of small business owners say that finding new customers is a top concern

This is why investing in a digital marketing strategy is crucial for sustainability. Although every business is different the goals are the same. Reach more consumers and convert them into customers.

In order for this to be effective, business owners must take advantage of the most valuable technological resources available on the internet today – which is why digital marketing is a business must.


Marketing Can Be Overwhelming. The Good News Is, You Have Options.

Brand Design & Strategy

What is branding and what does it really mean? In basic terms, your logo and your identity is not your brand. Brand, branding, and branding identity all serve different roles that when combined create, or form a perceived image for a business, product, or service. 

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With so much competition creating infinite choices, companies have to look for ways to connect emotionally with their customers, before they are replaced by their competitors.

A brand is a person’s feeling about a company.

There isn’t a day that goes by where consumers are able to discover new products and or business. This is why your brand recognition is not what you might think it is, it’s what consumers say it is.

Brand is a relationship.

Therefore, your brand needs to stand out in this highly competitive marketplace. Consumers must believe in your product, they have to fall in love with your brand and above all, they have to trust your brand.

Let us help you create the brand perception you deserve.

Social Media Management

Social media management isn’t as simple as writing content and posting it on your business’ social media channels.  We have all witnessed how great a post can be, while also witnessing how detrimental it can be to your business, brand, and service.

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Today it is more important than ever to engage with your audience through social media. Whether it is Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others, customers expect a quick and professional response.

This is where social media management comes in for your business.

Building your brand’s online presence on social media is paramount for your success. This means you must create engaging content, it is possible to become a viral sensation overnight but that is not the norm.

Social media marketing is a long-term process.

Taking on such a complex, multi-faceted role in managing your business’ social media can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

This is why our social media management service will ensure you maximize the best possible results from your channels.

We will take the time to ensure you have the right social media strategy in order to create a valuable network resource for your brand.

If you want to upgrade your brand, don’t wait any longer, contact us now.

Audience Analytics

Data, data, data, and now big data. It has become highly apparent that our lives are engulfed by data points. What we buy, when we buy, how we buy is predicted by utilizing our previous habits and behaviors. 

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In this day and age, as you look to transform your business, data analytics will be the driving force.

Digital marketing analytics will enable your business to evaluate the performance of your marketing strategy by providing insights into your customer’s behaviors.

The challenge is understanding how to adapt your strategy based on the data being analyzed.

One size does not fit all

The process of choosing what metrics to track performance is highly dependent on your goals, and your line of business.

From various forms of online advertising such as search engine placement, e-mail campaigns, and social media retargeting.

Analytics will help you understand what is working – so you can fine tune your efforts – and understand which are more successful.

The more you know about your customer, the more targeted your pitch and strategy will be.

This is why it’s important your team understands how to use the data in order to market effectively and more importantly spend wiser.

Gone are the days where business owners can rely on guesswork or a gut feeling.

With the dizzying array of data and analytics tool, deciding where to begin can lead to analysis paralysis – since taking a deeper dive into the data can be overwhelming.

Placing much more importance on hiring someone who knows and understand how to navigate the complexities

Let us help you achieve marketing clarity.


Search Engine Optimization

The ever-changing, elusive first-page ranking based on Search Engine Optimization – the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of your website traffic, along with exposure to your brand.

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Where does one begin to understand the complexities involved in ranking your site based on the guidelines used by Google’s algorithm?

Even for the expert that do this on a daily basis, it is hard to keep up with the constant changes and upgrades.

Search engines are basically an answering machine

They crawl or scour millions and billions of content pieces while evaluating factors to determine which content is the best-suited answer to the question asked in the search engine.

The results which are referred to as SERP contain both advertising and organic results.

Not to be confused with the traffic generated by social media to your website, the majority of online traffic is driven by the search engines.

Since the business model for them is to sell ads, they return more organic results, which receive way more clicks than a paid advertisement.

Recent analysis discovered 49% of Google searches are no-click

Wait, if almost half get no-clicks then why is SEO important for my business?

When set-up correctly it is one of the only online marketing channels that will provide a continuous ROI.

Optimizing your site will deliver better information to the search engines so your site can be properly indexed and displayed within a set of search results.

Conversely, when set up with the wrong techniques it can actually harm your site and in some instances have your site penalized which can lead to bankrupting your business.

This is just another reason to be careful when choosing an SEO expert or agency.

If you think hiring a professional is expensive, just wait till you hire an amateur.

Our team is dedicated to continuing education in order to keep abreast of the updates and changes for our clients so they don’t have to.

Don’t take any chances and let us optimize your site!

Copywriting & Strategy

There are plenty of agencies around that offer great design work for your content and/or website, but fall short of writing or creating content that can help build your brand’s audience. Copywriting is what gets people to engage with specific calls to action.

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Every business has a story to tell. Taking your customers on this journey with engaging content will improve your conversion and help you increase sales.

Quite too often when analyzing the site of a prospect, we run into the dreaded;

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet…

This is a clear indication that the website was assembled without any content, leaving the content up to the business owner.

Since you only get one chance to make a first impression, we cannot stress the importance of working with an agency that understands;

Content is king

Don’t let an unfinished site or worse, one with grammatically incorrect content be the first impression for your business.

Together we will ensure you’re using and ultimately writing a narrative unique to your business that is going to attract and engage the ideal customers.

Let’s write a new story. 

Team Training

In order for your employees to be engaged in your business success, by fostering a work environment of professional growth and long-term success, team training and development is crucial. By providing your team with tools, resources, and leadership anything is possible.

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There is no simple answer to addressing the – employee v. employer – power-play that exists in some organizations.

Time and time again, we hear of a company’s culture becoming so toxic that it ultimately brings a business to its knees. Hoping that the issue heals itself, is an exercise in futility.

There is no i in TEAM

We have all heard the different adages that exist about teamwork. And there is a good reason why as cliche as some of them may sound, they have been known to test time.

There is enough evidence available for organizations to recognize the importance of a committed team in a workplace, that operates smoothly because problems are solved more quickly.

In a recent study in 2017 by a team of researchers, which analyzed a literature search of 16,849 unique articles, and examined the effects of Teamwork Training, behaviors and performance. It was found that;

 “in sum, the extant empirical evidence to date appears to suggest that teams can be improved via teamwork training.”

In a “systematic” review and analysis of the research, which shows a proliferation in assessing whether and how teams can be improved through training.

Demonstrates the overall message is that “teamwork training is an effective way to foster teamwork and team performance.

Creating the right environment for success cannot be done without proper training and support.

Which is why we tailor training based on your needs after assessing and analyzing the issues which may be hindering your teams success.

Together we will build the right team. 

Website Development

Majority of business owners understand that their brand, specifically their online presence – is an integral part of a business plan and digital marketing strategy.

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As technology becomes more ingrained in our lives the struggle to keep up the pace with the ever-changing landscape creates more challenges for business owners.

Coupled with the cost of implementing new technology and upgrading from old technology, for some the cost can be too prohibitive, especially for small business owners.

Which is why we work with you on building a website that fits your needs and budgets

Your site is your companies first impression, which means the site must be aesthetically pleasing, and it must tell your story in a way that captures enough attention leading to increased sales.

Whether you’re starting a brand new site or redesigning your existing, we will develop a solid plan based on your feedback.

We also make it a point to work with a platform like WordPress which will afford the ease of use and autonomy for updating content.

Without having to wait for your “I.T” person to get to it.

Similarly, the cost for your new site, shouldn’t break the bank or cause a heart attack. This is why we believe in the mantra;

Any business is better than no business at all.

Rest assured that we are committed to the Small Business Community and will tailor a plan that is affordable for you and your business.

The ultimate goal is to foster a relationship that is mutually beneficial to all involved by becoming a legitimate business partner with a vested interest in your success.

Don’t waste any more time, we offer a FREE, no cost, no-obligation consultation.

Email Marketing

You might have heard that email marketing is dying? Well, we intend on showing you that it is still a very important marketing tool for your business when used correctly. 

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Although most of us deal with SPAM on a daily basis, not all email is created equally.

Which is why email marketing is still important for your business – since it allows you to stay in contact with your audience.

Email provides the ability to keep your customers informed

Since the smartphone market exploded a recent Litmus study found that 54% of all emails were opened on mobile devices.

This is a significant factor when planning out your marketing strategy. Using email you can drive customers to your website, pick up the phone or add any other “Call To Action.”

With most email marketing tools offering the ability to track what happens when the email goes out through your campaign.

You’ll have access to metrics such as, delivery rates, open rates, and click through rates just to name a few.

The metrics coupled with the affordability make email marketing easier to implement and engage with your customer.

Social media is not the only platform for a company’s brand awareness. Emails provide the ability to increase your audiences interest in your brand, products and/or service.

Of course, this does not mean you can flood your customers with too many emails. This will no doubt have a profoundly negative effect on your retention.

Ready to take your email marketing to the next level?

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