Recent Work

Occupy Independents

A startup in the political activist world. Occupy came to us with the idea of building a news site. Which aggregated news from topics that are relevant to their ideology. Through the use of AI, we were able to create the general foundation of their site.

Pool Care Miami

With over 30 yrs of service for their South Florida clients. This family-owned and operated company knew the importance of having an online presence. Although they were aware of its necessity they had no luck finding an agency with affordable services. We were up to the challenge and worked with them to create a new brand and begin their online journey. 

Sakinah Lehtola

When we met Ms. Lehtola at an event, we knew right away this young lady was destined for greatness. After the introduction, she explained that she was planning on starting her campaign in a few weeks. We didn’t hesitate to offer our services. And were thrilled when she called asking to meet. 

Bye 2 Hair

Bye 2 Hair has had a website for over two years, but recognized it was time for an extreme “online makeover.” In the transformation discussions, the client expressed an interest in creating an e-commerce site and integrating her scheduling in order to maximize her potential and increase efficiencies. We continue to work with the client through testing and integration. With a possible go-live October 1st. 

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